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Sump Pump & Booster Pump Replacement in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA

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Signs of water and cracks in the foundation of a basement can be caused by several different factors. However, a sump pump installation can help remedy these types of problems. Sump pumps help to remove water that collects into a sump basin in the basement, sending water away from your home to a storm drain or dry well. With 98% of basements in the United States experiencing some form of water damage, a primary sump pump is a must!

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Booster PumpReplacement

Booster Pump Replacement

There is nothing worse than experiencing weak water pressure during your morning routine. Whether this issue is cause by plumbing problems, additional water systems, or distance from water source, American Plumbing Services, Inc., team of experts can help alliviate this inconvience with a booster pump replacement.

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