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Electronic Leak Detection in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA

What is Electronic Leak Detection?

Electronic leak detection is used for locating leaks in underground water lines.

Leaks above the slab and under raised foundations are not discernible with conventional leak detecting equipment and are better and more economically dealt with by conventional means.

Signs That You May Have a Leak

There are several signs to look for which may mean that your home has a hidden leak such as a hot spots on the floor and the sound of water running even though all plumbing fixtures are off and/or excessive water or gas bill.

At this point you should check the water meter. If the needle is moving and no plumbing fixtures are in use, then there is definitely a leak somewhere. If the main shut-off valve outside the home is closed and the meter’s needle stops, it indicates that the leak is in the house. Otherwise the leak is occurring somewhere between the water meter and your home.

All of our specialists are trained to use electronic leak detection methods in order to pin-point where leaks originate from. We have the tools and the expertise to detect and repair any leak found throughout your home.

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