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Saving water is not only essential for cutting the costs of your water bill, but it is also important in the preservation of the environment. Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips that will help you save more water and money, all while being friendlier towards the environment.

Tip 1: Turn off the faucet

Turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth or when you’re washing your hands and turn it back on long enough while you rinse. This technique can be applied to many situations such as: showering, shaving or even when you’re doing the dishes.

Tip 2: Catch cold water

Oftentimes while we wait for running water to go from being cold to hot, we let the cold water go to waste. Instead, catch the water and use it for watering plants, cooking or filter the water and use it as fresh drinking water. You can take this even farther by recycling bathwater or dishwater to use for watering plants in your garden.

Tip 3: Do less laundry

In order to do this your family will need to produce less laundry from day to day. One easy way to do this is to not wash your family’s clothes until you have enough for a full load. In fact, often times you can wear your clothes more than once and doing this will help preserve the wear and tear on the fabric that is caused by washing.

Tip 4: Install water saving faucet aerators

Take the time to Install low-flow devices such as aerators which is both inexpensive and extremely easy. In fact, most units will easily screw into place with the use of a common adjustable wrench. Good aerators will maintain both the pressure and the feel of the water flow all while at the same time only use as much as half the water as standard units.

Tip 5: Water your lawn at night

Living in Palmdale or Lancaster areas means that sunshine at high-temperatures during the summer are always a constant and keeping a green lawn is tough in such extreme climates. However you can save both water and keep a beautiful green lawn by watering at night. This way, you give the water more time to sink into the soil without the added evaporation caused by the heat.

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